LEARN TO GARDEN & Grow Flowers

Students 6 – 12 graders.
Hiring Apprentices: $10.00/hr.
We will have a student garden at the back
of the elementary school for produce and flowers.
We are hiring six apprentices for hours over the summer
to plant, weed and harvest the produce and flowers.
Student apprentice will be supervised by adult mentors.
Apprentice will be paid on August 30th, 2019 for all hours worked.

Applications are available at the high school office for students 6 – 12 grades.
*** For those applications selected by a committee.
You will meet with the committee and parents/guardians for complete details.

Produce will be used in the cooking classes at the middle school
at the end of August and September. Excess produce to go to food pantry.
Flowers’s grown to Meadow Brook and shut inns in Bellaire.

This is a great opportunity to learn to garden from the “ground up”.
Questions: Dee Lynch 231-377-7077 or Gary Lockwood 231-377-2002

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