1. Are you a non-profitYes, we are a non-profit, 501c3 organization.  Our employer identification number is 27-3851696
  2. Do you have any paid staffNo, but we do pay our coordinators a stipend to plan and manage our afterschool initiatives.  The Eagles Nest Coordinator is Certified in First Aid and CPR as well as training is offered yearly to volunteers.
  3. Where is your office and what is your phone number?  We do not have an office or business phone number.  You can get in touch with us by calling our program director, program coordinator, Debbie Goldenberg @ byieaglesnest@gmail.com, or go to “contact us’ on the home page and email a member of the Board of Directors.
  4. Are you a religious based organization? No, we are an independent, non profit organization.
  5. How are you financed?  We get our funds from grants, and donations from local businesses, churches, and independent donors in the community.
  6. How do I become a volunteerSee ‘contact us’ on the home page and contact Brian Hardy by email.
  7. Do you have a summer program?  No, we have initiated and continue to operate programs during the school year. We are always looking for opportunities to initiate activities to benefit the children of Bellaire throughout the year. During the 2019 summer, we co-sponsored a Student Garden at the John R. Rodger Elementary School.
  8. How do I donate?  We welcome donations of money, time (volunteering) and physical items. Monetary donations can be made by check, mailing to Bellaire Youth Intitiative, PO Box 385, Bellaire, MI 49615.  You can donate a general donation, donate  for a specific event, or designate a particular use.  Please contact Dee Lynch, Vice President & Fundraising.
  9.  What is the most urgent financial need?  Our most urgent financial requirement is continued donations for paying our Initiative Coordinators.  Grants tend to pay for instructors, and a large percent of donations are designated for programs and activities.
  10. How do I enroll my childSee ‘Forms’, and/or contact Debbie Goldenberg at byieaglesnest@gmail.com

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